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Apply fake Ashford University diploma fast, Ashford University degree, buy fake Ashford University diploma, Ashford University fake degree sample, buy fake US diploma, buy fake degree, purchase fake Ashford University transcript, buy fake Ashford University degree, how to get Ashford University fake degree, buy University of Arizona Global Campus diploma. The University of Arizona announced Monday that it will acquire the assets of Ashford University (University of Arizona Global Campus) from Zovio Inc. to create a fully online educational school to attract more working adult students at home and abroad. Ashford University fake degree, Ashford University fake transcript, buy fake Ashford University diploma transcript.
Fake degree certificate, order Ashford University fake certificate, University of Arizona Global Campus degree. Ashford University is an online for-profit educational institution with approximately 35,000 students in the United States owned by Zovio, a Chandler-based educational technology services company.
The University of Arizona has signed the agreement, and University President Robert C. Robbins said, “As students seek new pathways to higher education, the convenience and innovative approach of the University of Arizona’s global campuses will help a new generation of students succeed.”
Under the terms of the deal, the University of Arizona intends to acquire Ashford’s assets for $1 and sign a long-term contract with Zovio to provide educational technology services.
Zovio will receive 19.5% of the revenue from the joint venture at the University of Arizona Global Campus and will be reimbursed for expenses associated with running the online school. Global campuses will receive $225 million in guaranteed revenue over 15 years, including a $37.5 million advance from Zovio.
The University of Arizona stated that the University of Arizona Global Campus will be distinct from its existing online arm, “Arizona Online,” with different programs, faculty, and accreditation (currently Ashford has WASC accreditation and the University of Arizona has the post-secondary area authentication), the two operate independently but cooperate.
The last public-private partnership in U.S. higher education was in 2017 when Purdue University announced the acquisition of a for-profit university, Kaplan University, for $1. At the time, the deal was quite revolutionary and controversial. Some people thought it was an innovative move for public higher education. , is a win-win, and some people think that the merger has a great reputational risk for Purdue.

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