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ESERP Business School degree, fake ESERP Business School diploma, create fake ESERP Business School diploma in Spain, buy fake ESERP Business School diploma, buy fake degree in Spain, fake degree of ESERP Business School, buy fake ESERP Business School degree, buy ESERP Business School fake transcript. ESERP Business School is a nationally and internationally renowned institution serving society and providing a college-level empowering education. Offers Spanish official university degree and master’s degree programs. The college has campuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Majorca and, depending on the location, is affiliated with various national or international business universities and colleges. fake ESERP Business School degree, ESERP Business School fake diploma, buy fake ESERP Business School degree transcript.
Fake diploma maker, buy ESERP Business School diploma degree, buy fake ESERP Business School diploma, obtain fake ESERP Business School diploma transcript, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate. At the ceremony, ESERP Business School awarded Qu Shengwu the Medal of Honor of Consul General, In order to thank him for his outstanding work, excellent personality, professional work spirit, and wholehearted service for the expatriates during his tenure in office, he actively promoted the economic and cultural cooperation between Chinese and Spanish local enterprises and educational institutions. In recognition of Mr. Huang Teng, a representative of modern private education in China, he has made outstanding contributions to private education in China over the years, and to thank him for his efforts to promote Spanish culture in China, ESERP University specially awarded him an honorary degree. Mr. Ma Zhuomin has devoted himself to overseas Chinese education and the promotion of Chinese culture for many years, making the seeds of Chinese language and Chinese culture blossom and bear fruit in Spain, making an indelible contribution to the mutual understanding between Chinese and Spanish people. In view of his spirit and values, he was specially awarded the Medal of Honor for Education.
ESERP University is a private business school with a history of more than 130 years. It ranks among the top three business schools in Spain and has a great influence in the political and economic circles of Spain. The former King Juan Carlos of Spain, the former Prime Minister of Spain Zabatero, the Chairman of the Catalonia Region Artur Mas, the Chairman of the Madrid Region and the Prime Minister of Chile, and the Nobel Prize winner for literature and other outstanding social figures have all won the award by An honorary degree awarded by the university.
It is worth mentioning that ESERP Business School is also the only business school in Europe that has a Chinese master’s program education and has been recognized as a master’s degree in Europe. It has been successfully held for 4 sessions so far. At the graduation ceremony that day, the Chinese students who successfully completed the master’s program also obtained the degree as desired, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of cultural and economic exchanges between China and the West in the future.

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