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Progressive Education fake degree, Progressive Education certificate buy fake certificate online, buy fake Progressive Education certificate, buy Progressive Education fake degree, buy fake Europe certificate, fake Progressive Education diploma certificate, buy Progressive Education level 5 certificate. Progressive education is an educational philosophical trend that prevailed in the United States in the first half of the 20th century, and had a considerable impact on American school education at that time. Originated from formalism against traditional education. Representatives include Parker et al. The main theories and methods include Parker’s Quincy teaching method in the early stage, Johnson’s organic education school, Walter’s Gray system and the later child-centered oriented Parkhurst’s Dalton system. buy Progressive education certificate, buy fake Progressive education diploma, buy fake Progressive education certificate diploma, fake certificates, Educational theory and experimentation of the Natka program and social-centered orientation, etc. The main viewpoints are a child-centered view of students, a curriculum view that takes life as the content, a teaching view that takes problem-solving as a method, a teacher view that weakens the sense of authority, and a school view that emphasizes the spirit of cooperation. Progressive education movement and its ideas are the response of the American educational circle to the challenges caused by a series of major changes in the process of American social modernization, and a broad effort and choice for reforming American education under the conditions of modern urban industrial civilization.
From 1852 to 1918, every state in the United States passed compulsory education laws, buy fake Progressive education certificate, buy fake degree, fake diploma certificate, but at that time, education still followed the traditional European education system, which was divided into aristocratic education and civilian education, with a distinct class nature. At the same time, education attaches great importance to academics and despise occupations, making academics and occupations opposed, leading to the isolation of people and society, and making education unable to meet the needs of industrial development. The old education regarded education as “shaping” or “replay and retrospective”, which seriously ignored the subjective initiative of people in education, Progressive Education certificate buy fake certificate online, and ignored or even failed to recognize the “transformation” function of education. In addition, in the practice process of education, there are a lot of problems such as low quality of teachers, loose school management, and rigid educational content. Therefore, this is an education separated from society, from life, from human development, from practice, and progressive educators formally want to transform this old education through new progressive schools and progressive education.

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