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Apr 19, 2022

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More and more families choose to study abroad. When studying abroad, don’t simply rely on study abroad agencies, thinking that you can sit back and relax if you find a big institution? Waiting for an offer? In fact, it is a mistake to have such an idea, because there are many things that study abroad institutions cannot help.

  1. The study abroad agency cannot help you improve your standardized scores, you can only rely on your own efforts; how long to buy fake degree, how much for fake diploma, how to buy fake certificate, where to buy fake transcript.
  2. No one can change your GPA, except yourself; buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake transcript, buy fake certificate, fake degree certificate, buy fake degree notary, buy diploma online.
  3. The editing of documents will not change fate, but you still need to have something to dig.
  4. The real role of the institution is to have experienced teachers in the later stage, meticulous service and high reputation, such an institution can give effective guidance;
    At that time, when I applied to the United States, I chose a study abroad institution to help me. Since I decided to study in the United States, I was preparing for the language test. Fake diploma, fake degree, fake transcript, fake certificate. However, applying to study abroad, especially to apply for a famous American school, does not only require passing a language test. I think the ability reflected in the software is more important. At that time, I also thought about using the resources of study abroad institutions to improve my soft background strength, but after screening, after the several institutions I consulted, I found that they all provided fixed activities, not activities to reflect their own value. , but to adapt to the activity. In this case, if you go to a student and recommend some such fixed projects, then there are too many students doing the same project. And I also heard at the time that such activities are all going through the motions. In fact, the documents are directly templated. Therefore, if so many students have similar documents, they will definitely not pass the level of American admissions officers. So don’t take chances, the key is to see how good your documents are.
    Compared with such large institutions, I trust small and medium-sized study abroad institutions with good service and high reputation, because such institutions pay more attention to service, and they can pay attention to each student, and the service will be more detailed. Later, on the recommendation of my dad’s colleague, I signed a medium-sized institution in Beijing. His family has a unique dual-background promotion system. In the later stage, the teachers have rich experience, guide and communicate with me one-on-one throughout the whole process, understand me comprehensively and deeply, and explore my shining points. At that time, after I had a long-term understanding with me, the teacher understood my interests, hobbies, and abilities, and formulated a personalized application plan. During this period, there was also the communication and guidance of the former admissions officer in the United States to me with unlimited video frequency, as well as the polishing of the essay, which made my essay level to a higher level.
    All aspects of his family have been carefully planned. Due to the rich experience of teachers in the later period and sufficient time to understand each student, different students have their own personalized application plans. The application success rate is higher.

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