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Mar 10, 2022

Buy fake certificate, buy fake certificate to improve your salary, fake certificate maker, fake degree certificate, how long to buy fake certificate? Applying to study in the United States has become very popular in recent years. As for the reason for the popularity, a large part is because everyone hopes to find a good job and have a bright future. And getting a high-paying job in a U.S. public company is a good goal. So how do you get a high-paying offer? This requires you to understand what their talent needs are, what is the company culture, and what do they value most besides your professional skills? Of course, the premise is that we can be admitted to a well-known American school that we like. Chinese students, especially high school students, junior high school students, and even elementary school students, are very good and very advanced in the world. In the annual Mathematical Olympiad competition, you can see the number and awards of Chinese students in it. One spot. However, why are Chinese students who are excellent and hardworking, why are their applications for studying abroad often ruthlessly rejected? buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, buy fake transcript, buy fake certificate.

Fake diploma, fake degree, buy diploma, buy transcript. Before speaking, let me share with you a story of employment failure. There are many similarities between the offers received from famous American schools and the offers from listed companies in the United States after graduation. That is what interviewers and admissions officers want, and how should you reflect them. custom university diploma, buy diploma and transcript.

Wang is a student of data science who graduated from Harvard and studied data science. He not only has a high GPA but also has many internship experiences in famous Chinese companies and banks. In his circle of Chinese classmates at Harvard, no one thought he would not find a job, and he was determined to stay in the United States. what’s the price of fake degree, buy fast fake diploma, obtain replica degree with verification.

However, the reality still did not favor him more. For the position he’s looking for, he’s really comfortable living in the Bay Area and has a lot of opportunities. He has interviewed several companies including well-known Facebook, Deloitte, and unicorn startups. There were those who got to the third round of interviews, but they didn’t succeed. I don’t know which competitor got out of the way. Wang’s knowledge and skills are indeed first-class among graduates, but he loses in soft power.

Specifically, he was stumped by a question: “What is the difference between you and other students, why should I hire you?” “You know that there are many people applying for our position, why do you think you are the most suitable candidate? ?”

Maybe many classmates will say, I came to you to apply for the job based on my true ability. Can you look at my work experience and ability? Why do you ask me such tricky questions? This may be the reason for cultural differences, and it is also the question asked in the question, “Why are Chinese students who are excellent and hardworking often ruthlessly rejected for studying abroad?”

In fact, for those who have lived and worked in the United States for many years, this is a good answer. In Silicon Valley (Bay Area), most of the mainstream technicians in high-tech companies are foreigners, with Indian and Chinese in the majority, while Americans are mostly in business and management. This question is of course natural to be asked. Every job has a best-fit person, and students who graduate from a good school are not necessarily best-fit. Like finding an object, the right fit is more important than the best. You need to be able to “fit” with the team you are about to enter in terms of technical ability, personality, teamwork, and even preferences. If you really match, you must speak and show it to highlight your special and competitive advantages. .

Through the above real cases, we can conclude that it is best-fit. Always show your advantages and shining points. You are the best-fit person. The same is true for impressing the interviewer, and the same is true for impressing the admissions teacher when studying abroad.

So how can you impress admissions teachers? After all, it is impossible to meet the admissions teacher. Well, a good document is your cover letter, your business card, and your stepping stone.

How to rewrite the essay so that it can attract admissions officers all at once? In fact, it is the same as the case of the job interview above, “What is the difference between you and other students, why should I recruit you?” “You know that there are many foreign students applying to our school, why do you think you are a suitable student?”

Yes, a good document should reflect the best-fit point. Where are your specific highlights? Don’t generalize, modular, pipelined answer. Remember, the details are the most moving places, that is, your advantage of being different from others and tailor-made.

If you don’t have time to do this, a study abroad agency is a good choice. But it must be able to guarantee the following conditions in order to help you.

First, do the teachers in the later stage have rich experience? At least five years or more! Those who have only worked for a year or two, or are newbies at all, can you help? Maybe your English level is not as good as yours.

Second, is the teacher-student ratio too low? In a great teacher, experience is also limited. A teacher with 50 or 60 students, no matter how hard he tries to do his duty, he is still incapable of doing his job. Preferably no more than ten students.

Third, will the service process be improved? Those institutions and teachers who are only for performance and making money cannot really help you.

It is difficult to satisfy the above three conditions at the same time, but it does not mean that there is none. As long as you look for it carefully, you will always find it.

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